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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
By Summer Herlocker
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Hey guys!

So, most of you are aware already, but I'm expecting my first child and my due date is September 12!  I've had several people ask about how much time I'd be taking off so I wanted to put something out there for you all to keep you posted!  I'm scared to death and beyond excited all at the same time.  My plan is to continue working and scheduling sessions up until either she arrives or I'm just too miserable to continue working.  Then, I plan on taking off for around a month and picking back up with a fall schedule around mid October.  The fall is a crazy busy time of year, so make sure you schedule early if you'd like to get something done this fall.  Unfortunately being self employed is no fun when it comes to having a baby!  If I don't work I don't get paid, so don't be afraid about scheduling a session with this pregnant lady/new mama! ;) So far being pregnant hasn't slowed me down much!  I've still got the crazy noises down that doggies and children seem to love so much and I can bust out a pretty sweet frog impression still! (A lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about!) ;) 


Newborns: while I have your attention let's talk about newborns!  I feel like so many people are expecting right now!!!  Woo hoo...lots of little friends for baby Herlocker!!! If you're expecting then it's best to contact your photographer while you're still pregnant to get newborn information.  I like to get clients due dates penciled into my schedule so that I know to keep enough time open for you.  It's really never too early to get penciled in to guarantee that you can get those sweet little newborn photos done!  Please don't wait until your baby is here to schedule.  You lose precious time and may not be able to get in at all.  Babies are so precious and innocent and grow so fast so a newborn session is something that you will cherish forever!!! I cannot wait for my little one to get here so that I can document those first days of her life!  Well, all of her days for that matter!  Let's face it...she's going to have a camera in her face forever with me around!  


Now let's talk about my baby!  First of all...holy crap there is a tiny human inside of my stomach and I'm a mama!!!  I honestly never thought I'd see the day!  I wasn't sure I really ever wanted to have children for sure, but clearly God let us know that his plan was to make us parents!  I've known since I was about 15 years old what I'd want to name a daughter if I ever had one: Sunny Lee.  We'll just call her Sunny to keep it simple.  Lee is my middle name, as well as my parents and my Papa's.  Sunny is a nickname given to me by a set of triplets I helped my friend Brittany babysit when we were around 15 years old.  They started calling me Sunny and it just stuck!  Brittany's pretty much the only person that continued to call me Sunny though.  I just feel like it's such a happy and cheerful name!  No matter what other name we discussed or considered, I just had my heart set on Sunny.  I wanted something that was me, was different, not too trendy, and couldn't be made fun of easily.  Let's face it, kids can be mean!  Adults too for that matter!  As I type this I'm 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  This whole pregnancy has flown by!!!  It's insane!  Wes and I have been shown so much love and support from friends & family and we are so thankful for all of you!!!  We can't wait to get Sunny here because we know she's going to be pretty awesome and she's already so loved by so many people!  We would greatly appreciate your prayers for a healthy little Sunny and a not too hot and miserable mama! :) We're taking weekly photos to document my belly!  Just cell phone pics so don't mind that quality.  I'm not one for posting selfies! We'll take some more official maternity photos in another month or so!  


If you're still reading this...Lord bless you! :) I've never blogged so please excuse my rambling mess! Just typing like I talk!  Pregnant mushy brain (y'all mamas know what I'm talking about) and not being able to take my Concerta (ADD medicine) is making me squirrelly-er (yes I just made up a word) than ever!  Ha!  I hope you all have a beautiful day!!!!




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Tammy - Oh my I am so happy for you and Wes . We all have them worries and scares of first time motherhood but God could not have blessed anyone better than you two . Summer , Sunny is a beautiful name and she will love the story of how she was named . I can not wait to meet this bundle of joy ....
Judy - You can be as squirrelly as you wish. Just promise me one thing: text me the first time Sunny insists on having puffy sleeves!
Angie - Oh I so can't wait to see that precious little girl who will be a perfect sunny for sure just like her momma! Love ya
Kelley - Summer, I am so excited for you! Sunny will bless you and Wes in ways you cannot yet imagine. Can't wait to see the pics! Take care. Great first blog entry. Sending lots of love!
Meredith - I'm so happy for you! Your baby is going to be perfect and beautiful! Motherhood is a wild ride! You'll enjoy it!